Quest for change

I want women and girls today to know about our struggles in the past because it can only support their quest for change.

– Petra Landers (former German football player)

Football as a cultural force

When faced with insurmountable challenges, individuals past and present can use football as a cultural force to foster positive change in society. We honour these individuals and tell their ‘untold’ stories in short videos.

Football might be one of the most televised activities in our society. Millions of hours of footage are recorded, watched and rewatched. In addition to the game itself, and the obvious stories of sport, let’s look in more detail into the people behind the game.

Our original videos are developed as part of a European project and combine individual portraits with archival narrations. As our platform will continue to develop, we wish to engage with more stories, past and present.

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Let’s talk football history


Browse our collection of stories about football history and inclusion. With the history of football being made up of millions of stories, of individuals and communities, of movements and processes, we offer stories that can inspire our cultural conversations today.

Educational Resources

Explore our innovative educational resources that use football’s history, heritage and legacy to engage young people. The resources include ready-made lesson plans and historical source collections for school history education as well as toolkit with activities for non-formal settings.

Discrimination and Social Inclusion

Discrimination and Social Inclusion

This Toolkit is part of Fare’s #footballpeople campaign, this campaign challenges discrimination and promotes inclusive values and practices.

Educational game about dealing with discrimination

Educational game about dealing with discrimination

An educational game about dealing with discrimination and confronts young people with their own choices. The players get to react to discrimination and have the choice to either let it happen or do something about it. The game developed by the Anne Frank House is available in several languages.

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